Kurtis Bailey Buckingham aka Konrad – MD, American Identity Movement Member from Woodbine, Maryland

Note: this article has been redacted to fit the publishing requirements of this platform. For the full information, see the link at the bottom of the page.

Discord user “Konrad” aka “Konrad-MD” who appears on Identity Evropa’s “Nice Respectable People Server,” as well as several others that were leaked in March by Unicorn Riot, has been identified as none other than Kurtis Bailey Buckingham, of Woodbine, Maryland.

Identity Evropa, a white nationalist organization, is most infamous for its involvement in the deadly Unite the Right rally in Charlottesville, where antifascist Heather Heyer was killed by James Alex Fields Jr. Identity Evropa’s former leader, Nathan Damigo, is infamous for assaulting an Arab cab driver in an armed robbery, where he pulled a loaded gun on an innocent man for “looking Iraqi.” Identity Evropa also has within their membership an attempted Amtrak hijacker Taylor Wilson, as well as an attempted arsonist of a synagogue in Carmel, Indiana Nolan Brewer.

The connection between the deadly Unite the Right rally in Charlottesville in 2017 and Identity Evropa cannot be overstated. According to the SPLC, the white supremacist group was involved in the planning of the rally and that they are:

“at the forefront of the racist ‘alt-right’s’ effort to recruit white, college-aged men and transform them into the fashionable new face of white nationalism”

Kurtis attended the Leading Our People Forward conference as well as American Renaissance. He has also been involved in many recent public actions with Identity Evropa/American Identity Movement leader Patrick Casey, including at the infamous storming of DC Politics and Prose Bookstore. He has also participated in promotional videos for the white supremacist organization, including at one in Citizens Bank Park in Philadelphia.

Photograph of Kurtis pulled from social media.

Photo of Kurtis taken outside of the American Renaissance conference.

Photograph of Kurtis standing to the right of Patrick Casey with the megaphone at their disruption of Politics & Prose in DC

Photograph of Kurtis from an American Identity Movement video for an action outside of Citizens Bank Park in Philadelphia

You can read redacted info about Kurtis Bailey Buckingham here.

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