Timothy Kohl, Brother of Identity Evropa Member Caleb Kohl, Exposed as Ohio Member of IE

Timothy Robert Kohl is the 19-year-old brother of fellow Identity Evropa member Caleb Kohl, who was recently identified by Colorado Springs Antifa in 2018.

For a first peek at Timothy’s identity, here’s a look at his Medium account. Timothy has a Medium account that he set up apparently for the exclusive purpose of following his brother Caleb’s own neo-nazi Medium account:

Timothy Kohl’s sparse Medium ‘followings.’ The first account listed, August Baldur, is Caleb Kohl’s Medium account. Check out CO Spring Antifa’s doxx of Caleb.

Timothy Kohl went by the username “Wilhelm” (how original…) in the Identity Evropa Discord server, before the group was deplatformed from Discord after Unicorn Riot exposed more than half a million of IE’s Discord posts. Timothy, AKA Wilhelm, outright says he is the brother of another IE member, Caleb Kohl. “a new member my brother Caleb Kohl is also a member,” the 19-year old posted when he joined IE in October of last year. In addition to outing himself as Caleb Kohl’s brother, he also added that he’s from Ohio, narrowing down his current location.

“Wilhelm” telling other IE members that he’s from Ohio, and that Caleb, his brother, is also a member of IE.

Timothy also says that he goes to a small, conservative Christian college with about 4,000 students, and that he’s not worried about getting doxxed at school because he surmises mostly everyone there is a Republican. This was more than enough to identify Timothy. Cedarville University is a Christian school that has around 4,200 students enrolled, it is located in Ohio like “Wilhelm” is, and it fits the description of Timothy’s own description of his school. 

Timothy gave plenty of information about where he attends school.

And wouldn’t you know it, a young, white guy who resembles Caleb, who is friends with Caleb on Facebook, and goes by the name Timothy Kohl could easily be found on Facebook. We archived Timothy’s Facebook here http://archive.is/n4n3Q, where he says that he attends Cedarville University, and lives in Cedarville, Ohio. According to CO Spring Antifa’s doxx of Caleb Kohl, Caleb is from Cedarville, Ohio as well.
Note the profile photo on Timothy Kohl’s Medium and Facebook accounts are the same photo.

Timothy Kohl’s archived Facebook page. Note his school and location!

Cedarville, the city listed on Timothy’s Facebook page, is the same city where Timothy says he lives and goes to school on his LinkedIn page. Timothy’s LinkedIn confirms the information about where he goes to school and what he looks like when compared to his Facebook account and Medium account. Check out his LinkedIn (for as long as he keeps it active now) here: https://www.linkedin.com/in/timothy-kohl-717646171.

IE member Timothy Kohl’s Facebook page information match the information listed on his LinkedIn account.

His LinkedIn states that he lives in the “Dayton area.” Dayton is approximately a half an hour drive from Cedarville, where Timothy says he lives and goes to college. We aren’t 100% sure where Timothy is currently living now that he’s in college, but his parents are listed as living in Cedarville, OH are easy enough for enterprising researchers to find.

According to his own posts in the now-defunct IE Discord server, Timothy says that feels confident he will not face negative consequences for being an active neo-nazi attempting to recruit other men with “It’s Okay to be White” posters.

Brad Smith is the “Dean of Men” at Cedarville University where Timothy Kohl is a student set to graduate in 2022, you can contact Mr. Smith to inform him that a Cedarville University student named Timothy Kohl is a dues-paying member of a neo-nazi organization here: https://www.cedarville.edu/Student-Life/Residence-Life/Contact/Administrative-Staff/Smith-Brad.aspx.Cedarville University is @cedarville on Twitter.

Full unredacted version here: http://archive.fo/VHRJf
You can read Timothy Kohl’s Discord posts in the “Nice Respectable People Group” IE Discord server here.

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