Say hello to celticflame AKA Barbara Jean Palmer

Barbara Jean Palmer, a 46-year-old also known as celticflame in the Identity Evropa Discord server, has really thrown herself into Identity Evropa since becoming a member. Establishing herself as a California member,

she has attended multiple actions with other members of IE in northern California. Around Christmas, Barbara held a banner with other IE members in December in Berkeley, California.

CA members of IE holding a banner in Berkeley last year. Barbara is the second person from the right.

Here’s Barbara closer up in the image above.

Barbara also helped display an Identity Evropa banner with several others following the Camp Fire in California, thanking the firefighters who worked to quell the flames. Reading Barbara’s many racist messages in the IE Discord makes one wonder if she or any of these fascist fools are aware that it’s mostly incarcerated people of color who fight California’s wildfires. However, that reality does not conform to the delusions of neo-nazism, and Barbara is a neo-nazi. She’s so proud of her participation in these nazi stunts that she probably never stopped to realize that her “activism” would get her doxxed.

Smile for the camera!

In addition to threatening the entire community by joining in on various banner drops, Barbara also participated in a nationwide, anti-immigrant campaign championed by Identity Evropa by making candles “for” Kate Steinle. Kate was tragically murdered in 2015, and bigots including the neo-nazis in IE seized on her death to attack immigrants.

Also, if you enjoy spending time in the woods of northern California and you’ve been unfortunate enough to stumble across teal and white hand-painted rocks with pathetic fascist “art” and slogans on them, there’s a good chance Barbara made them herself (she posted about them proudly in the chats, she must have worked really hard on her nazi arts and crafts project), right at her home in Modesto California.

She talked a lot about the city and county where she lives in IE’s Discord server, and our researchers narrowed it down to Modesto, but had no way to confirm the city or an address until we came across a photo she posted of a hummingbird fluttering outside her garage cam home security camera in Discord, sending us on the trail to her address.

By examining the garages across the street that are visible in the photo she posted from her garage, we are able to confirm her name to an address and voilá, celticFlame is revealed to be Barbara Jean Palmer.

Barbara used to have a public Facebook, but she got rid of it as soon as Unicorn Riot started their data drop. However, we were still able to archive her Twitter account:

A link celticflame posted to her Twitter: celticflame3.

Here’s the address to the home where Barbara likes to hang out and post racist bullshit in Discord with a bunch of pukey 20-something neo-nazis and paint IE symbols on rocks between banner drops, with her husband, James M. Palmer. According to his Facebook ( ), James currently works for United Airlines.

There’s a good chance James’ bosses wouldn’t be happy to find out that he is “very supportive” of wife’s neo-nazi activism, of which there is ample evidence thanks to the Discord leaks recently dropped by Unicorn Riot.

“celticflame” says her husband can’t join IE because of his job, but assures other members that he is “very supportive.”

According to Barbara, James’ job is the only thing keeping him from joining IE himself. This California couple is now learning the hard way that being a fascist family really isn’t worth it.

Full unredacted version here:

You can read Barbara Palmer’s messages in the “Nice Respectable People Group” IE Discord server here.

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