Peter Earl Diezel, white supremacist from Indiana, also active in Illinois/Chicago

Peter Diezel [right] with other “identitarian” propagandists.

Peter Earl Diezel lives in Indiana and has propagandized for the Neo-Nazi group Identity Evropa, newly rebranded as American Identity Movement (AIM), of which he is a very active and visible member. He also seems to be a supporter of a much more militant and violent white supremacist group called the Rise Above Movement (as we’ll show below). The Indianapolis branch of IE seems to have become inactive as of 2018, so Pete often also visits Chicago to spread their hate. He’s been on a lot of people’s radar for quite some time, even before the IE Discord leaks from Unicorn Riot, so let’s get to know this guy.

Pete with the Illinois chapter of IE in November 2018. And are those his  friends Mick and Dana with him? Are they still friends?

Identity Evropa activity
A glance at the posts by username “Piet Dietzel” (as well as others such as “Mick – IL”) in the Discord logs under #activism_photos reveals much of Pete and his associates’ propaganda efforts across Indiana and Illinois, posting not only Identity Evropa materials but other typical Nazi bullshit.

Fliering in Indiana with white-supremacist dog-whistle “it’s okay to be white” posters – posted in “Nice Respectable People Group” Discord server, #activism_photos

covering up a sign in Indianapolis celebrating diversity with the racist dog-whistle “it’s okay to be white” – posted in IE’s Discord logs

Pete’s propaganda in Indianapolis (pulled from the Discord logs, username “Piet Dietzel”, #activism_photos

Peter’s social media

Peter’s personal Twitter account is @scubaslayer13. On March 11, 2019, he changed his profile photo from a statue to what we assume is a photo of him as a toddler, and his background photo was changed to a shot of the newly-rebranded American Identity Movement’s flash photo-op in Nashville, TN from March 10th. In a close-up of another one of these group photos, Peter can be seen standing behind their main banner.

Peter’s personal Twitter, @scubaslayer13 –

March 10th, 2019. American Identity Movement photo-op in Nashville, TN. There’s Indiana’s own Peter Earl Diezel with his fellow Neo-Nazi scumbags.

Peter’s Chicago nonsense

On Sunday, August 5th, 2018, three Identity Evropa members were posting racist fliers around Logan Square, Chicago. They approached members of a local socialist group tabling just outside the farmers market. One of these men, Peter Diezel, aggressively threw some of IE’s propaganda onto the socialists’ table, and a brief confrontation ensued. The two other young men he was with looked clearly uncomfortable about his belligerence. They seemed unsure if this is the right approach they should be using to spread the hateful ideology they like to call “identitarianism”, which is a manipulative way to say “white supremacy”. They were run out of there, Pete’s photo was snapped, and his face appeared on fliers warning the community about him and his group.

Photo of Peter Diezel confronting socialist activists outside a farmers market in Chicago, August 5th, 2018.

During the summer of 2018, Identity Evropa activity in the Chicago area, which had been relatively sparse in the previous year, dramatically increased. In addition to fliers with IE branding, other fliers were also spotted and removed by locals: notably, those promoting notorious white supremacist ideologue Jared Taylor (whose racist ideas inform the ideologies of past and current neo-Nazi groups, especially Identity Evropa), and fliers with the white supremacist dog-whistle slogan “it’s okay to be white”.
They have also done banner drops in Chicago with other out-of-state members. On a Saturday in late January 2019, a group of IE members joined their CEO Patrick Casey for a demonstration outside City Hall (closed on the weekend) on LaSalle Street (where most office buildings and other businesses are also closed on weekends). This was played up in their online propaganda as a major demonstration against Chicago’s status as a sanctuary city for undocumented immigrants.

February 2019, Peter in Indiana. (Pulled from Discord logs)

Peter’s hate
Pete and friends like to pretend to be nothing more than an innocuous group of conservatives who are unfairly labeled violent, racist, and white supremacist, which is a pretty familiar tactic among fascists. In much of their social media and internal chats, they like to point out how many Americans, even people of color, agree with their anti-immigration stance and other views. This is part of their strategy to normalize themselves in mainstream US politics (which is bad enough on its own without the help of outright fascists getting involved). However, Pete, like many of his fellow fascists, has shared anti-Semitic content on his personal Twitter (@scubaslayer13), as well as on Discord. In the below photos, the (((echo parentheses))) is an anti-Jewish dogwhistle:

from IE’s Discord logs, posted by user “Piet Dietzel”, “Nice Respectable People Group” server, #media_about_ie

@scubaslayer13 –

@scubaslayer13 –

@scubaslayer13 –

@scubaslayer13 –

Here are more screencaps of Nazi shit from Peter Diezel’s Twitter:

@scubaslayer – Nazi shit from 2017

As much as Identity Evropa / American Identity Movement tries to get away from its Neo-Nazi roots, let’s remind everyone that its membership and supporters can’t get away from it. Peter Diezel has been feeding himself this shit for some time now, and a search through the Identity Evropa Discord logs (AKA “Nice Respectable People”) will reveal more of the same.

@scubaslayer – some Nazi shit from 2017

@scubaslayer13 – Peter Diezel shows off his copy of Mein Kampf and says some shit about love… Yeah, we’re not falling for it, either. –

@Chidentitarian … This account went private the week of the IE Discord leaks, during their conference in Kentucky… Why is that???

Peter and the @Chidentitarian Twitter account
In June 2018, the Twitter account @Chidentitarian was created to serve as the conduit for Chicago-area “identitarian” activity and to antagonize Chicago leftists. Pete has helped run that account, as well as his personal account at @scubaslayer13.  Both accounts often have an arrogant tone about them, especially when trolling leftist accounts. During the weekend of Identity Evropa’s 2019 “Leading Our People Forward” conference in Kentucky, as their Discord logs were released, the @Chidentitarian Twitter account went private – around March 8th. Are they trying to dump their history of incendiary tweets linking them to Peter? Was there a fallout? Are they rebranding the local branch for Maximvm Optics? Who knows!
Peter (and/or maybe also his buddy Mick?), using the @chidentitarian account, has often trolled leftists and local journalists for what they see as false or inaccurate reporting and portrayals of Identity Evropa. For example, they really don’t like it when people equate the IE logo with Nazi swastikas or call IE any kind of hate group (Nazis, white supremacists, Alt-Right, etc). The phrase “optics cucks” has been used to mock Identity Evropa’s apparent obsession with maintaining a clean-cut image to distance themselves from more obvious versions of fascists and white supremacists. Fascism is fascism, no matter the variations in ideology, group structure, clothing, propaganda, tactics, and branding. We know who these guys are.

Tweeting at local media about a story on a community response to IE’s white supremacist propagandizing in Chicago. Here’s the story:

Complaining about local activists associating IE with Nazis and Charlottesville. These optics-obsessed “identitarians” will never, ever be able to shake off their violent fascist baggage no matter how much they re-brand themselves, because violence and fascism are integral to their identity and their political ambitions. When saying “YWNRU,” they mean the infamous “You will not replace us!” from Charlottesville.

After Pete’s face was outed to the community in August, the @Chidentitarian account has mockingly tweeted about waiting for Pete’s dox, posting photos of him posing in front of fliers warning the community about him and Identity Evropa.

A small sample of tweets from @Chidentitarian mocking and provoking Chicago activist Twitter accounts about doxing Peter. These started in summer 2018 but have continued into early 2019, with them picking on different Chicago activist accounts every time.

When community activists were linking Identity Evropa with other fascist groups like the Proud Boys, Patriot Front, and assorted MAGA chuds, whose members had also been active in Chicago over the past year, the @Chidentitarian Twitter account sent this out to some of those guys:

@Chidentitarian warning Chicago-area MAGA and Proud Boys asshats about a leftist Twitter account that started following them to keep tabs on them.

Peter Diezel confirms his legal name

In a tweet from December 2018, Pete issued a correction about his identity: “You misspelled my Twitter handle and legal name. It’s @scubaslayer13 and Peter Diesel. Do your worst.”

Pete wants that fame. –

Since Peter was kind enough to give out his real name, we went about putting together a dossier on him. With his last name and his proximity to Indianapolis, running his name through address databases was easy-peasy. We were able to determine that he indeed lives near the state capitol in Indiana. Also his date of birth tells us that he’s 33, which is about the time to really sit down and think if you want fascism to be a part of your legacy. 
He is a licensed EMT and firefighter in the state of Indiana. He was in the US Navy in Virginia and has worked for them as a sonar tech. A current donor to the Athenaeum in Indianapolis, where there’s a German-American club, Pete has also written white nationalist propaganda on the chalkboard at Coat Check Coffee, inside the Athenaeum.

Do you want a Neo-Nazi to be working as a first responder? Definitely wouldn’t be the first time, but we think it’s rather unwise.

One of many pics from an old MySpace page – –

Who the hell still uses LinkedIn? Welp…

US Nazi, fresh off the boat.

Farmers market Nazis

On Sunday, September 9th, 2018, Peter and friends were spotted by residents of Logan Square, Chicago, putting up more racist propaganda. Peter stopped a couple times to mockingly pose next to posters bearing his face, letting the community know he’s a violent white supremacist (from the incident in August)… Tweets went up on @Chidentitarian right away, where he tagged the farmers market account.

Peter Diezel, the Rise Above Movement, and Neo-Nazi violence

The stickers that Peter and his friend put up at the farmers market that day were from a Neo-Nazi clothing brand called Right Brand Clothing, which was started in January 2018 by the militant white supremacist hate group Rise Above Movement (RAM).

The stickers that Peter and his buddy were putting up at the farmers market. These were taken down by a local resident, who snapped a photo of them when they got home.

RAM members, like Identity Evropa, participated in the infamous Unite The Right gathering in Charlottesville in August 2017. We are, by now, all familiar with the tiki-torch march, the brawls, and the murder of our comrade Heather Heyer. There have already been several fascists convicted, including James Alex Fields, who drove his car through a crowd of counter-protesters. There are currently 4 members of RAM who are facing charges related to their participation in the violence in Charlottesville. As of last fall, their clothing brand was raising money for their defense. Here’s more info about RAM:

Instagram Let A Violent White Supremacist Group Promote Their Clothing Brand (August 2018)

4 members of a white supremacist group arrested for their role in deadly Charlottesville rally (October 2018)

GoDaddy gives alt-right apparel company a platform to raise money for Charlottesville rioters (October 2018)

Looks like the “Right Brand Clothing” website is finally offline. However, the fundraiser for the “Cville4” RAM Nazis is still active (or is it 8 of these Nazis facing jail time?). Another white supremacist clothing store called “Our Fight Clothing” is now selling t-shirts online to raise money for RAM’s legal defense. Members of fascist movements have been whining for the past 2 years that the blowback from Charlottesville is a form of oppression against them. Nah, it’s the consequences of hate. Whether you get shown the door by the community, the state, or through your own incompetence as a human being, the lesson to learn as a fascist is that you are bound to lose.

Our Indiana boy, Peter Diezel, appears to still be on board with these violent RAM militants. This seems in blatant contrast to the clean-cut and “nonviolent” optics that Identity Evropa (and its successor American Identity Movement) spend so much time cultivating. What this looks like is a member of American Identity Movement openly supporting one of the Amercian fascist movement’s most militant and violent elements. Is that the kind of thing that Patrick Casey’s brand of “identitarians” approve of? Maybe it is, but either way, we have always known that there is no such thing as “nonviolent” white identitarianism.

Our Fight Clothing sells the shirts that Peter Diezel seems to be buying. –

Peter (@scubaslayer13) Tweeting a photo (likely of himself) wearing a t-shirt supporting Neo-Nazi “Rise Above Movement” members facing jail time over Charottesville violence. Tweet is dated March 3, 2019 – a few days before Identity Evropa’s annual conference. –

Speaking of Charlottesville and James Alex Fields… That conviction went down back in December 2018. There was all kinds of chatter about that on IE’s Discord logs as well as IE members’ social media accounts. Peter Diezel had some feelings about it:

(from the Discord logs) … Rather than putting Charlottesville behind him and move on with his white-supremacist hate group, Peter really seemed to want to delve into some weird-ass conspiracy-theory shit… Oh wait, that’s what members of white supremacist hate groups do.

 @scubaslayer13 –

“institutional racism against whites”, says Peter Earl Diezel. – @scubaslayer13 –

Nowhere to run

When Peter Diezel isn’t being a Neo-Nazi hatemonger, we’ve discovered that he frequently enters long-distance races, having run several 5Ks and marathons. If you’re in Indiana, you may see him jogging somewhere on the famous Monon Trail (Indianapolis segment).

You can’t run from the consequences of your hate, Peter Earl Diezel. You’ve sold your soul to white supremacy, and we will not help you get a refund.

We are not here to offer any kind path to redemption for this guy. We are here to show the world who he really is and the path of hate and manipulation he’s chosen for himself. This dude is toxic AF, like all the other fascists we have discovered lurking around and actively trying to bring down our beautiful communities of diversity and inclusion that we are building. There just isn’t any room in our communities for racist, sexist, anti-Semitic, violent white supremacists like Peter Diezel, the ashes of Identity Evropa, the birth of American Identity Movement, or any of the numerous incarnations of the same old fascist bullshit we’ve always been defeating and will always defeat.
As of this writing, the @Chidentitarian Twitter account was still set to private (we have a hunch they’re doing a mass purge of their account so they can try to save face and keep manipulating people about their intentions). However, we leave you with this old post from the archives, which may give folks a clue about the mentality of these fascists:

@Chidentitarian, trying to drop some of that fascist martyr wisdom, August 2018.

Peter Diezel works for Seals Ambulance Service, which can be reached at 317-541-1200. Ask them why they are harboring a Nazi.

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Instagram: scubaslayer13
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