Nitrodubs AKA Jacalyn Grace Thomas the NitroNazi

Known by the username NITRODUBS on Discord, Jacalyn Grace Thomas is a frequent poster with over 1,500 messages in the recently leaked IE Discord chats alone. Jacalyn checks all of the boxes of your typical Nazi: racist, antisemitic, misogynistic, and homophobic. 
To that end, she regularly posts about how she seeks to educate people about the ‘dangers of being gay’: 

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She seems to be really fixated on interracial marriage, often bashing it while throwing in antisemitism in her hatred:

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same message bank, new hate

Why? Because her sister has a biracial child, which she often hints about in her IE Discord server messages.

Jacalyn’s grandmother, Kay Reichert, who we will get back to in a little bit, beats the child regularly – to the point that Jacalyn’s sister doesn’t like bringing her kid around anymore. Sounds like grandma Kay needs a healthy dose of sunlight, too.

Her grandfather is no saint either, look at what he has to say about black people behind closed doors:


Her brother, photographed here, is also “redpilled” according to Jacalyn:

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Thanks for outing the entire fascist family!

Jacalyn’s issues that led her down a path to extreme hatred for the “other” seems to stem from a few factors, namely her horrible familial influences, and the suicide of her father. “NITRODUBS” also left a clue to her own identity regarding discussing her dad: she said that his name is Jackson, and that she was named after him. It seems that white supremacy and toxic masculinity run deep in her family.


She claims that her father committed suicide due to a depression stemming from her sister dating a black guy and adapting a different worldview.

Jacalyn seems to have originally been a Bernie supporter when she was 17, but she later turned to white supremacy, namely by dating a member of the Traditionalist Workers Party, who lives in the same trailer park next to Matthew Heimbach and was harassing her in December of 2018:

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They apparently aren’t on good terms anymore. Jacalyn has moved onto a new boyfriend, some chud who goes by Duke, who uses the username Duke1998, who has also applied to Identity Evropa, is in a coding class, plays Trombone, messages with Richard Spencer on Twitter, and who lives near Kentucky.

Jacalyn was originally excited about having a YouTube channel followed by Richard Spencer, which is ??? given the strained relationship between Richard Spencer and Identity Evropa (it’s not good, they kind of hate each other). 

She even showed up to a Richard Spencer event in 2018 at Michigan State University, along with various members of the fascist cell Patriot Front, the now-defunct Tradionalist Worker Party, and, you guessed it: Identity Evropa. You can see Jacalyn starting at around 38 seconds in this Detroit Free Press video, assaulting people.

Here is a photo of that day, which Jacalyn posted a redacted version of in the IE Discord:

Cementing her white nationalist activity at MSU, friends at Heresy Squad passed us this video: from where Jaclyn can be seen giving a Nazi salute to the crowd of anti-fascists:


So that’s what she looks like and what she believes, but who is she?

In her time at Identity Evropa, she has put up fliers at many college campuses, including Wright State University, where you can see her in the reflection of the door in a photo she posted of her propaganda in the IE Discord, along with another Ohio member whose face may be visible in the same photo:

Taken from Nice reflections, you two.

She lives in Tipp City, Ohio.

“NITRODUBS” states that she lives in Tipp City, Ohio.

Jacalyn also said that her mother owns a “spiritual shop” 


where Native American Music is played:


You see that Symbols of Native America book in the photos of the back part of her mom’s store? Maybe Jacalyn’s words will best describe what her mother does there:


She claims her mom has been in business for thirty years, and has only had one complaint for her politics. Let’s change that 🙂

Now let’s get to how we found Jacalyn using her Discord posts. There are only a small handful of stores that sell jewelry, crystals, and Native American goods that are close to Tipp City, Ohio. There is one that is definitely run by a family of white supremacists.

Jacalyn’s grandmother is Kay Reichert, who is the president of Kokopelli Gift House in Dayton, Ohio. You can see Kay Reichert’s Facebook archived here, with a blaring ‘Trump 2020’ like, as well as follows of many other right wing political groups. Not a good look there, Kay:

Her mother, Lisa Kay Thomas, is mentioned briefly in the reviews of the store’s Facebook profile. We found a link between Lisa Kay Thomas and Kay Reichert, and then through Lisa we were able to find Jacalyn Grace Thomas. Her grandfather, Donald Reichert, also assists in the store.

Here is a photo of a business card that links Kay, Don, and Lisa. By searching for Lisa, we were able to find Jacalyn Grace Thomas, her daughter, 20 years old.

Business card for Kokopelli Gift House in Datyon, OH, listing the names Kay, Don, and Lisa.

You can leave a review for Kokopelli’s Gift House here, to let them know how you feel about the white supremacists that run that store:

Archive here:

Here’s the Facebook page for the shop: or check out:

Someone should really contact the Native American tribes whose culture Lisa is stealing and profiting from, too.

She has apparently found a new job at the end of February, but she used to work for an automotive engineering manufacturer that had Honda uniforms. There is a factory called SEGNA in Tipp City, Ohio whose main business partner is Honda.

Also, Jacalyn’s grandmother, Kay, sounds like she really needs to be reprimanded for her abuse of her sister’s child, who is a kid that did nothing to deserve the fucked up family they are surrounded by.

Full unredacted version here:

You can read all of Jacalyn Thomas’ posts in the “Nice Respectable People Group” IE Discord sever here.

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