James Meyer, AKA Procella Eques, Exposed as Texas Member of Identity Evropa

Apparently coming from a long line of white supremacists, James Meyer claims in Identity Evropa’s Discord chats that his great-grandfather was a Texas ranger who “hunted” Mexican revolutionary Pancho Villa. James posted as “Procella Eques” in IE’s Discord server, and currently lives in or near Dallas, Texas. Procella Eques introduced himself as “james” in his very first post in IE’s Discord server, and made repeated references to living in Texas.

Procella Eques introduces himself as “James”

Procella Eques posts about his supposed family connection to a man who “hunted” Pancho Villa.

Close up of James from his IE Discord posts.

“Procella Eques” joined Identity Evropa in September of 2017, and proved his loyalty to the hate group by leaving nazi garbage behind at a confederate monument in Dallas, then posting about it in IE’s Discord.

Photo of IE propaganda and flowers left and confederate memorial posted by Procella Eques.

James posted two photos when his new daughter was born. In one of the photos, the name of his wife is visible on a prescription label on the bottle James is holding. He also entirely reveals his face in the photos.

James posted a full photo of his face to the IE Discord server when his baby was born.

Another photo James posted revealing his face. Here’s the photo with the bottle that names his wife, Andrea Meyer.

Look closely at the bottle. The name Andrea, and most of the last name Meyer are visible, though a little blurry. Look in the area of James’ thumb.

Already knowing his name was James, the baby bottle (link to the photo in Discord here) led us searching for a James Meyer in Texas, where James had been posting photos of his IE propaganda escapades. His face was completely visible in multiple photos of himself he posted to IE’s Discord server, so it was pretty easy to make a match with a simple internet search to ID this James Meyer.

The photo James uses on his LinkedIn matches the photos of himself he posted to Discord, and also features a new baby.

Since the original publication of this post, we have been told James no longer works at Seven Tablets.

James Meyer’s LinkedIn page reveals he used to work at Seven Tablets Inc. and lives in Dallas, TX.

From James Meyer’s LinkedIn.

James’ LinkedIn reveals that he also previously worked for Northrop Grumman and Accenture before joining Identity Evropa. Separately, ProPublica revealed a neo-nazi working for Northrop Grumman last year. James was also an Eagle Scout and went to Penn State.

A look at James Meyers’ work history, from his LinkedIn page.

The location James lists on his LinkedIn, Dallas, matches the area where he posted photos of IE propaganda he left around.

James also hinted (in the most racist way possible) that he works for a software company. Now he no longer does!

James Meyer posts as Eques Procella about working in software.

James Meyer’s work history, continued.

Finally, James Meyer once posted “I hate to lose.” Sorry, not sorry, James! You and your neo-nazi organization have lost. Whether you all choose to be known as Identity Evropa or American Identity Movement, you’re done.


You can read James Meyer’s posts in the “Nice Respectable People Group” IE Discord server here.

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