Donors to Kyle Rittenhouse’s legal defense fundraiser, hosted by American Wolf, a neo-nazi organization IDENTIFIED (backup post)

In case something happens to our twitter account, we’ve archived the whole thread about the donors to American Wolf’s fundraiser for Kyle Rottenhouse following his attack on three protesters, killing two and injuring one. See below for screengrabs:

This is part one of four. Incredibly, there are so many more.

and here’s that archived thread plus screenshots:


Here are the hosted screenshots of Donors & Supporters of American Wolf’s fundraiser for Kyle Rittenhouse before it was shutdown. Files named ‘don’ = donor & ‘sup’ = supporter. Supporters didn’t give money, just shared the fundraiser on social media. 

Later that week, we outed donors to their employers.

Here’s the archived thread focusing on donors’ employers and screenshots of the thread:




And then a new but also terrible fundraiser by Jaymon Dowell

and the correlating screenshots:


Antifascism is community defense! Send us any extra info on the above donors or anyone else to panicinthediscord [at] riseup [dot] net or DM us on twitter @discord__panic

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