Peter Machinis: Identity Evropa Member Posted Photo of Himself With Don Trump Jr.

Oh, where to begin with Peter Alexander Machinis? Peter got himself doxxed by showing up to an Identity Evropa flash rally outside the Chicago mayor’s office this winter (while nobody was present in the building). He is also mutual social media followers with another member of IE, Clark Canepa, who Panic! In the Discord Antifa also just doxxed thanks to Discord logs leaked by Unicorn Riot.

Here’s Peter Machinis in profile at an IE “flash rally” in Chicago this winter.
Another photo of Peter at the IE rally in Chicago. Peter is the third person from the left.
IE leader Patrick Casey tweeted about the fascist rally IE held in Chicago. Peter Machinis is visible behind the left banner.

A simple search for Peter Machinis led our researchers to the public Instagram account (@peteralexander1476) of a young man named Peter Machinis, who says he lives in Chicago.

Peter Machinis says on Instagram that he is a “Chicago nationalist.”

Peter, who writes in his Instagram bio that he wants to be an entrepreneur (like an absolute loser), posted multiple photos of his own Illinois driver’s licenses on his Instagram account.

Another driver’s license Peter Machinis posted to his Instagram account. This time he redacted some parts and grew some disturbing facial hair.


Clark Canepa, another IE fascist, follows Peter Machinis on Instagram.

According to Peter’s own Instagram posts featuring his own licenses, he was born June 28, 1995, making him 23-years-old now. Peter’s license indicates that his middle initial is an “A,” which matches the name “Alexander” he uses in his Instagram handle. The number 1476, also used in his Instagram handle, is a fascist dog-whistle.

His Instagram account reveals even more, though. Apparently, his grandfather helped bomb Berlin during World War II. Evidently this apple fell pretty far from the tree and promptly rotted, and likely lives and/ or is active in Chicago and/ or Arlington Heights, IL.

Peter’s Facebook page shows a photo that matches his profile photo on Instagram, and reveals a number of his fascist “Likes,” including Tucker Carlson. He goes by the name “Peter Alexander” on Facebook as well as Instagram.

Peter Machinis’ Facebook profile photo
What a shock: another fascist who loves Tucker Carlson.

Peter’s Facebook account is archived here.

Some of his Facebook friends include the far-right commentator Cassandra Fairbanks, and white nationalist YouTuber James Allsup, also a member of IE.

Peter’s full Facebook friend list is archived here.

But back to Peter’s Instagram for a moment. Peter posted public public photos of himself with prominent far-rightists, namely Donald Trump Jr. (who he met at an NRA convention), and Project Veritas founder and operative James O’Keefe.

Peter deleted this photo of him cheesing with Don Jr. at an NRA convention from his Instagram after Unicorn Riot exposed IE’s chats. But we have a screencap.
Peter Alexander Machinis posing with James O’Keefe.

Peter also posted a screenshot to Instagram of vice president Mike Pence following his account on Twitter. Peter used the telltale white supremacist “okay” hand sign emojis in the caption for this post.

In another recently deleted Instagram post, Peter Machinis bragged that vice president Mike Pence followed him on Twitter.

Finally, Peter claims on his Facebook page that he presently works or has worked for Panera and Windfall Lumber, and attends or attended Harper College.

Peter claims to work or have worked at Panera and Windfall Lumber Company.

Chicago area antifascists and all concerned folks should be on the lookout for Peter in and around Chicago and Arlington Heights. If any other researchers figure out what, if any, Discord username Peter Machinis was using, please contact Panic! In the Discord Antifa.

Full unredacted version here:

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