Meet David Fanelli, Identity Evropa Fash In Pennsylvania

Going by the username V. Balboa on Discord, David Fanelli, born on 03/28/1988, is a prolific member and the designated leader of operations for Identity Evropa in the state of Pennsylvania.  He has over 1,700 messages on the Identity Evropa Discord server, and has been with Identity Evropa since their inception. Fanelli appears to be responsible for almost all of the IE stickers around Philly. According to his social media, Fanelli currently works for Boeing.
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Olivia Myers: “Model” White Supremacist

Olivia Reinhold Myers has at least two obsessions: her Instagram account, where she is a wannabe influencer, and neo-nazism. Olivia is a member of Identity Evropa, now called “AIM,” whose white nationalist mission she has sought to spread all over her university campus. Though barely a presence in the IE Discord, she said enough to leave a trail:

Imagine the embarrassment of being doxxed by only posting 20 messages…

Her appearances on Identity Evropa’s Slack were noteworthy, popping up in their server and as was her stupidity in using her full first and last name as her username. After comrades at Unicorn Riot leaked all the white nationalist group’s Slack channels, we were able to piece together: that Olivia Myers is of college-attending age, lives near Rollins in Florida and so with the help of databases, we found only one Olivia Reinhold Myers, a 21-year-old who lives in or near Winter Park, FL. Finally, we were able to connect Olivia M to Olivia Reinhold Myers.

Olivia probably won’t have much to smile about now that she’s been IDed as a neo-nazi.

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Timothy Kohl, Brother of Identity Evropa Member Caleb Kohl, Exposed as Ohio Member of IE

Timothy Robert Kohl is the 19-year-old brother of fellow Identity Evropa member Caleb Kohl, who was recently identified by Colorado Springs Antifa in 2018.

For a first peek at Timothy’s identity, here’s a look at his Medium account. Timothy has a Medium account that he set up apparently for the exclusive purpose of following his brother Caleb’s own neo-nazi Medium account:

Timothy Kohl’s sparse Medium ‘followings.’ The first account listed, August Baldur, is Caleb Kohl’s Medium account. Check out CO Spring Antifa’s doxx of Caleb.

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Say hello to celticflame AKA Barbara Jean Palmer

Barbara Jean Palmer, a 46-year-old also known as celticflame in the Identity Evropa Discord server, has really thrown herself into Identity Evropa since becoming a member. Establishing herself as a California member,

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